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Wedding Car Fazilka

Fazilka is the name of the city in the State of Punjab, India. The main economy of Fazilka is based on agriculture. It was once the major wool market. Before partition, the traders used to export wool to Britain via ports located at Karachi. Today, the town grows several high quality cereals like rice, wheat and others. You can also find a hybrid variety of citrus fruit which is known as Kino and is popularly grown in this area. Even the surrounding areas even produce cotton and guava.

The town serves home to cottage industries like woven strings production that are fabricated from the Sarkanda grass which are grown along the banks of River Sutlej. Wedding Car Hire Rental provides luxurious but affordable wedding car hire on the special day of your life. Find more details on specialized wedding day transportation. With years of industry experience, Wedding Car Hire Rental offers the largest range of bridal cars in the whole of Punjab.


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