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Wedding Car Hire Bathinda

Bathinda is counted amongst the oldest cities in the state of Punjab, India. The city is located in the north western region of India in Malwa Punjab. It is located about 225 km west of Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab. Often named as the “City of Lakes”, Bathinda is home to 2 modern thermal power plants- Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant located at Lehra Mohabbat, Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant. The city is home to a huge oil refinery, a remarkable Qila Mubarak Fort and a fertilizer plant.

Bathinda also serves as one of the largest food grain as well as cotton markets in the Northern India. Moreover, Bathinda and its surrounding regions has also become one of the largest grape growing areas in the recent times. It is even the leading cities in the state of Punjab for education. Wedding Car Hire Rental is one of the leading chauffeur driven bridal car hire service providers in Bathinda. Wedding Car Hire Rental specializes in providing a range of immaculately maintained and stunning range of wedding cars as well as chauffeur cars. The wedding car hire service is available all throughout Bathinda and the state of Punjab so wherever you are planning to tie your knot, Wedding Car Hire Rental can offer you with the best wedding car hire service.


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