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Terms and Conditions

All of our self driven and chauffer driven wedding car services are subject to the terms given below. We provide a full description of our chauffer driven wedding car hire service and the accompanying pricing is even provided on our website and in our brochure of wedding car services.

  1. At Wedding Car Hire Rental, bookings can be either made by credit card or debit card or cash.
  2. Bookings will be confirmed in written on the clearance of the payment
  3. The agreed time of the wedding will be entered into the contract. It will be up to you to tell us at what time we should be at the pickup point.
  4. All the wedding car rental requirements will be entered into the contract and will be signed by both parties involved.
  5. All the vehicles will arrive at the time agreed in the contract and the time specified on the booking form. The person hiring vehicles from us must ensure that all the agreed passengers will be ready for the departure at that agreed time.
  6. We allow a maximum of 5-6 hours for a civil ceremony or wedding. Should additional time be needed then an extra charge may be made.
  7. Our chauffeurs will select the route based on the local knowledge and or satellite navigation. The drivers or chauffeurs will use their own judgment to maintain a sensible speed in relation to the weather and road conditions.
  8. We take no responsibility related to the vehicle access to any location or adverse weather conditions or hold ups on any route.
  9. We would not be responsible for the late arrival due to weather conditions or hold ups or cancellations to the circumstances those beyond our own control.
  10. The hirer will be responsible for any kind of damage caused to the cars or vehicles by guests or themselves. A minimum charge will be asked to cover the valeting costs should the damage be caused by any drunken passenger or through illness or food.
  11. Eating and smoking is forbidden in all our vehicles.
  12. All items left in the cars will be at the own risk of the owners and no responsibility will be taken for their damage or loss.
  13. We reserve all rights to change or amend our terms at any time.
  14. All passengers should make sure that all the belongings are with them before vacating the vehicles
  15. Valuables must not be left in the cars during the wedding ceremony


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